Booze-filled doughnuts debut in Colorado

19th October, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers

Denver-based eatery Habit Doughnut Dispensary has crafted an experimental line of alcohol-infused doughnuts for adults.


Habit Doughnut Dispensary has crafted an experimental line of alcohol-infused doughnuts

The store has introduced a line of doughnuts infused with various spirits including rum, whiskey and vodka in collaboration with sister business Carbon Cafe & Bar.

The new line is the brainchild of pastry chef Jason Graff, and sees each sweet treat served with a plastic pipette containing the customers’ chosen spirit in the top.

The selection on offer includes Plain Jane and Blazed, which sees a doughnut infused with whisky-based liqueur Fireball; Carbon, a chocolate and espresso doughnut infused with Kahlua; and Breckenridge Bourbon-filled brioche doughnuts.

Restaurant manager Hayley Charles told The Spirits Business: “In terms of doughnuts offered with booze, we can essentially do anything you want, that’s the best part about it!

“Carbon Cafe & Bar has a full bar so any alcohol a customer wants infused into their doughnut – whether that be vodka, whiskey, rum, etc – we got it covered.”

The menu also boasts doughnut-shaped French toast infused with whiskey, a signature Habit Jumbleberry with vodka, and a flambé made using Grand Marnier.

Customers wishing to keep the experience separate can also purchase shots to accompany a regular doughnut for US$2.

Continuing the trend for booze-infused desserts, in August this year a mobile cake business in Edinburgh opened which specialises in cocktail-flavoured cupcakes.

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