Top cocktail trends for 2017 and beyond

29th September, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

Fluid identity patrons


From globalisation to the more connected world, we are all taking a fresh look at how they identify in terms of where we live and the culture we live in. Consumers want to explore heritage with integrity and honestly – so brands need to move beyond traditional identifiers of race, country of origin and gender, the report notes.

Produce and raw ingredients are one way bars can give patrons the opportunity to learn about different cultures. In addition, “fluid bars” – i.e., where bar talent crosses over with different sectors, for example chefs and food, will come to the fore.

The industry’s evolution from being a male-centric environment to a gender-neutral is key to this – and brands need to make sure they move on from stereotypes and only marketing to a single gender, too.

Key to successfully achieving this is removing all traditional identifiers to describe a customer – be it citizenship, language, religion, age, nationality, location, gender – and focus on a more personal approach.

Celebrating ‘local heroes’ is also central to this trend, says the report. Bars should invest in local talent, hiring and training accordingly.

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