Top cocktail trends for 2017 and beyond

29th September, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

Controversy cocktails


In line with the “opinionated backlash” consumer culture, brands are embracing their own “backlash” and are no longer trying to please all the people all of the time, the report notes.

What does this look like for cocktails? Expect provocative theatre to prevail – think: disturbing design flourishes and tongue-in-cheek drink names – while “propaganda booze” is likely to become more common. One example is Ilegal Mezcal’s campaign in New York, Miami and Los Angeles labelling US presidential candidate Donald Trump a pendejo – or asshole.

Cocktail bars are evolving on their own terms, too. Dead Ringer in Sydney has rejected the cocktail menu concept completely, notes the report, and instead opting to offer big batches of single cocktails made from fresh, seasonal ingredients – which they may never repeat again.

The cocktail menu itself is also gaining in importance, according to the report. Rather than a simple book, bartenders are unleashing their creativity – expect menus to come into their own.

The takeaways? Ignore the rules, challenge the audience, and make your point of view – political or otherwise – a point of difference.

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