Top 10 spirits marketing campaigns in August 2016

5th September, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers

A World of Gin

ginLondon-based initiative A World of Gin has begun filming the first ever feature- length film on gin, titled Gin: The Movie.
The film-makers, working closely with the production company Boilerhouse Video Unit, will document a gin journey across the UK, featuring a range of diverse brands.
It will be followed by a year-long screening tour, working with independent cinemas and venues across the country.
The crew will travel across the country, starting with Brighton Gin in East Sussex, to
the hometowns of Hayman’s Gin, Williams Gin, Mason’s Gin, Edinburgh Gin and Shetland Reel Gin, with an additional stop-off at Double Dutch Mixers to talk tonic.
Audiences will receive tasting flights to sample the gins as each brand’s story is laid out on the screen in a “5D viewing experience”. Screenings will begin in late September and run for 12 months.

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