New Cognac Larsen blends ‘do not focus on age’

26th September, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers

Cognac Larsen has launched a Cognac and eau-de-vie that have been produced specifically for bartenders to create summer and winter cocktails.


Larsen Summer Blend and Larsen Winter Blend have launched with an “emphasis on fruit, flavours and aromas”

Larsen Summer Blend and Larsen Winter Blend are described as having an “emphasis on fruit, flavours and aromas”. Both products launched at Boutique Bar Show last Tuesday (20 September).

Larsen Summer Blend, an eau-de-vie de vin described as “fresh and fruit-driven”, is a blend from the double distillation of a single cépage wine produced in the “dorsale de Saintonge” region of the Charente.

The blend is aged for six months in small old casks and is characterised by notes of “pear, citrus fruits and vine flowers”.

Larsen Winter Blend is a Cognac described as having “delicate flavours of ripe fruit ‒ baked apple, plum and marmalade ‒ [while] maturation in oak casks gives it warmer notes of toast and vanilla”.

Cognac Larsen took inspiration for the blends from Niels Larsen’s 1899 book American Drinks, which lists 156 cocktail recipes.
Larsen’s managing director, Jérôme Durand, said: “We know that a significant percentage of Cognac is drunk by consumers in cocktails and long drinks and we know that bartenders appreciate Cognac for its aromas, flavours and mouthfeel.

“We have designed two totally new blends that meet these needs. The focus is not on age or age designation but aroma and flavour.”

Earlier this year, Cognac Larsen unveiled a new brand identity and packaging, scrapping its key message as the ‘Cognac of the Vikings’.

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