P(our) Symposium explores modern bartending

16th August, 2016 by admin

p(our)The closing toast was made with P(our)’s own Amazonian Acquavit, a bespoke acquaivit created by Monica Berg using botanicals from a trip to the Amazon undertaken by Kratena, Berg and Caporale earlier this year. It was this trip which inspired P(our)’s first charitable project, helping to fund the construction of a plant for the production of traditional yucca sauce, a product whose growing popularity in the restaurants of Lima is now transforming the livelihood of indigenous Bora communities.

“Our aim is to host three small events each year and one big symposium, as well as doing a P(our) project like this which has direct impact, which really changes someone’s life,” says Kratena.

Those who can’t make P(our) events in person don’t need to miss out either – everything is broadcast live on Periscope and freely available online at www.pourdrink.org.

“Ultimately, we know where P(our) starts but we don’t know where it’s going – we’re looking for partnerships, for content, for events to collaborate on,” says Kratena.

“For a long time we’ve been separating baristas, cocktail bartenders, sommeliers – there are so many exciting wonderful people in the drinks industry,” he says, “but if we want to create a future for it, we need to do it together.”

For more information about P(our) visit www.pourdrink.org

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