Orkney Distilling launches Kirkjuvagr gin

8th August, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers

Orkney Distilling Limited has officially launched Kirkjuvagr gin, made using a “unique blend” of Orcadian botanicals.


The new Kirkjuvagr gin has been hailed as “unmistakably Orcadian”

Created by Kirkwall couple Stephen and Aly Kemp, Kirkjuvagr gin, which launched this month in the Island’s capital, has been hailed as “unmistakably Orcadian” in character, with its branding and marketing drawing on Norse and seafaring themes.

Full production of Kirkjuvagr, meaning ‘Church Bay’ in Old Norse, will move to Kirkwall once the new Ayre Road distillery and visitor centre was completed next year.

Stephen Kemp said: “We’ve spent a very long time perfecting the recipe for Kirkjuvagr and are exceptionally pleased with the end result. We’ve worked closely with the Agronomy Institute of the University of the Highlands and Islands in Kirkwall to come up with a blend of local botanicals that we think will set Kirkjuvagr apart from other gins and we’d like to thank the team at the Institute for their input.

“All the feedback we’ve had so far in trial tastings has been incredibly positive, so we’re confident we’ve created a product that sits well amongst other premium spirit brands.”

Angelica is one of the key ingredients in the new gin, and the plant being used is one found in only a couple of specific locations in Orkney.

“The angelica’s Norse connection gave us a nice link to our Viking ancestors and we thought it was essential to use it in our recipe,” said Stephen.

Aly Kemp added: “We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Orkney community for their support over the past few months. We’ve been overwhelmed by the level of interest, particularly on our Facebook page, and we look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of our new gin. Hopefully, we’ve done Orkney proud.”

Distribution to the rest of the UK will begin next month, along with online sales.

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