Top 10 fastest-declining spirits brands

19th July, 2016 by Annie Hayes

1. 1906

19062015: 0.6m

2014: 1.18m

% change: -47.7%

With almost half the volumes it boasted in 2014, Stock Spirits-owned Russian vodka label 1906 was the fastest declining spirit brand (out of the million case sellers) of 2015. The result of geopolitical factors in Russia that impacted the country’s entire domestic vodka market, 1906 vastly dropped below the million case mark in 2015, and was therefore excluded from The Spirits Business‘s Brand Champions list. It’s dramatic decline is indicative of the troubles faced by Stock Spirits, which ultimately led to an investor revolt and early retirement of CEO Chris Heath.

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  1. cvv says:

    It’s Polish vodka, nor Russian

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