Top 10 fastest-declining spirits brands

19th July, 2016 by Annie Hayes

2. Zoladkowa Czysta De luxe

zoladkowa2015: 2.5m

2014: 4.2m

% change: -41.2%

The world’s second fastest declining spirit brand in 2015 was another of Stock Spirits Group’s Russian vodka brands, Zoladkowa Czysta De Luxe. The brand has lost almost 2m cases since 2011, but it’s most rapid decline was witnessed last year, when volumes plummeted more than 42%. In 2014, Zoladkowa was the 11th best-selling vodka brand in the world; in 2015 the label fell down to 22nd place.

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  1. cvv says:

    It’s Polish vodka, nor Russian

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