Top 10 fastest-declining spirits brands

19th July, 2016 by Annie Hayes

New for 2016, we analyse the performance of the world’s fastest-declining brands – and for one category in particular, the past year was particularly bleak.


We reveal the world’s top 10 fastest-declining spirits brands

Many brands in the vodka category continued to struggle amid financial hardship, flavour fatigue and the rise of ‘craft’ labels, but it was Eastern Europe and Russia which bore the brunt of the declines – brought about by Russia’s political tensions with Ukraine and the west, which has damaged its export volumes.

Diageo’s Indian drinks subsidiary United Spirits too witnessed troubles across the board, with alleged financial impropriety creating internal conflict with former chairman and non-executive director Vijay Mallya. The tycoon resigned from his position in February this year and was paid US$75 million by Diageo, but an investigation is ongoing.

Central and Eastern European producer Stock Spirits also features heavily in this list, with significant losses leading to an internal revolt which saw CEO Chris Heath take early retirement.

The company also saw its operating profits plummet 22.3% last year due to further “disruption” in the Polish market.

Click through the following pages to discover the world’s top 10 fastest-declining spirits brands, listed in order of their percentage drops.

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