Devotion Vodka adds nutritional info to labels

21st July, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Devotion Vodka, touted as the “first” American gluten-free and sugar-free vodka, has become the latest spirit brand to add nutritional information to its labels.


Devotion Vodka’s labels now feature additional nutritional information

The new labeling includes information about standard drink sizes, abv and units, in addition to highlighting its no added sugar, gluten-free and Circle K Kosher certifications.

“Today’s consumers are hyper-aware of what they eat and drink and we wanted them to be able to more clearly see what goes in our vodkas,” said CEO Drew Adelman. “We’re already sugar-free and gluten-free, now we’re also Kosher and providing more transparency to our customers.”

At the same time, the brand has launched 50ml and 1.75l bottle sizes for its entire seven-strong range of flavoured vodkas.

“The new sizes open up new distribution opportunities for us,” said COO Michael Celleja. “We’re continuing our double digit year-over-year growth and breaking new sales records for the brand.”

In 2015, Diageo became the first multi-national drinks group to voluntarily pledge to provide consumers with alcohol content and nutritional information per typical serve for all of its brands.

Last month, on-pack alcohol content and nutritional information were added to bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label – the world’s best-selling Scotch whisky.

One Response to “Devotion Vodka adds nutritional info to labels”

  1. Jenny Delesandro says:

    Your vodka is THE best! We purchased it while on vacation in California, traveling home with it in our suitcases, not being sure whether Atlanta would have it in stock just yet! Being a nutritionist (not traditional but MORE REAL HEALTH HOLISTIC oriented, didn’t take the gal giving samples long to convince me to buy a bottle but unfortunately I let the check expire for the rebate 🙁 I don’t drink much BUT when I do, this is my go-to bottle FOR SURE!
    Just a little constructive feedback here, I do find it odd that you give a recipe that has sugar (simple syrup) in it – I would think that the consumer who would buy your products wouldn’t then be ADDING sugar to the mixing of a drink.

    . Just my opinion. Personally I LOVE vodka tonic with an organic lime, but I don’t use the junk “tonic” but REAL hand picked Quinine sweetened with Agave Nector (about the best one could ask for as far as a healthy mixed drink with no sugar) The Superior Tonic Water is called Q-Tonic. I have told many of my patients about both your vodka and this Q-tonic water and everyone has loved it.

    I have often thought the two of you should team up when there is “samplings” given at the local Whole Foods b/c everyone I have told about both, LOVE it! Ok I don’t typically take my time to write things like this, especially during Christmas season but just had to! Hope this is helpful – as I intended!

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