Armagnac association names new president

19th July, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Négociant Marc Darroze has succeeded Corinne Lacoste-Bayens as president of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l’Armagnac (BNIA).


Marc Darroze has been named president of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l’Armagnac

The BNIA changes its president every three years, alternating between an Armagnac négociant and producer.

Darroze, who assumed the role on 1 July, is both a trader and producer as ages Armagnac.

“This change of presidency comes at a time when the whole of the Armagnac industry is expressing a strong desire to better represent its strengths and give value to its specific features in a difficult economic environment that still supports its competitors in the world of spirits,” the BNIA said.

In order to enhance the global presence of Armagnac and “meet the challenges” of its appellation, the BNIA has put a “plan of action” to its General Assembly, forming a strategy for the next three years.

The strategy is underpinned by the fields of traceability, quality, sustainable development and marketing.

“The Darroze family has always embodied the values of authenticity, quality and heritage in everything it does,” said Darroze.

“Sharing this vision of artisanal excellence that I advocate daily is natural for me. The challenge is extremely motivating and asserting these strong values will doubtlessly lead Armagnac to new success in the French and international markets.

“Every player in the sector must take part in his or her own way, all the time keeping in mind that the legacy that our lands and our ancestors have left us must be respected and enhanced.”

Last year saw the earliest Armagnac distillation in living memory due to favourable weather conditions.

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