The world’s best-selling Indian whisky brands

23rd June, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

3. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue WEB

2015: 17.50m

2014: 14.06m

% change: +24.47%

Place last year: 4

Stealing the Pernod Ricard crown from Royal Stag in 2015 was Imperial Blue. Having more than doubled sales in just three years, the brand’s volume sales soared 24.47% in 2015. If it continues to expand at that rate, the brand could become the second-largest Indian whisky brand in the world in just 18 months. Pernod sought to protect its crown jewel in November 2015, winning a legal battle against Indian company Rhizome Distilleries for the removal of Rhizome’s Imperial Gold whisky from the trademark registry.

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