The world’s best-selling Indian whisky brands

23rd June, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

2. McDowell’s No. 1


2015: 24.92m

2014: 25.05m

% change: -0.52%

Place last year: 2

While United Spirits’ McDowell’s No.1 was the world’s largest Indian whisky brand a mere four years ago, 2015 saw much more space created between the whisky and its nearest rival in the top spot. Sales of McDowell’s remained relatively flat after at least five years of consistent and rapid growth, and USL certainly has its work cut out to rebuild the brand in the year ahead. At the same time as announcing it had ceased exports of Bagpiper, the group also said it would change the name of McDowell’s No.1 in markets outside of India following the SWA’s concern that consumers may believe the brand to be Scotch. Currently, only 2.6% of McDowell’s No.1 is sold abroad.

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