World’s ‘oldest’ rum encased in watch

19th May, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

Polish collector’s club Wealth Solutions and Swiss watch manufacturer Speake-Marin have teamed up to create The Rum Watch, a timepiece containing a drop of the “oldest rum in the world”.

Rum Watch Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions has created a timepiece containing a drop of the “world’s oldest” rum

Described as a combination of Swiss precision and the spirit of the Caribbean, the watch holds 1780 Harewood Rum inside an alcohol capsule on the dial.

The rum itself was discovered in England in 2011, when Mark Lascelles, the brother of the 8th Harewood Earl, went down into a cellar store to carry out a stock take.

Among the bottles was the 1780 rum, placed in the collection at the beginning of the 19th century but since forgotten about.

Shortly after its discovery, the bottle was moved to the Wealth Solutions company collection.

The Rum Watch is available in titanium or in an 18k red gold Piccadilly case, a Speake-Marin signature. The crown is set with a cabochon made of aquamarine for the titanium watch or rubellite for the 18k gold case, and the watch has a single hand to indicate the time, reminiscent of a traditional sea compass.

Positioned at exactly 11 o’clock, the rum capsule references the time when, in the old Royal Navy sea tradition, the crew would receive their regular portion of rum.

Limited to 100 pieces only, each watch has “One out of 100” engraved on the case, and “Stand fast the holy ghost”, the call the sailors would make for their rum, on the side.

Wealth Solutions described the timepiece is a “real windfall” for both mechanical watch and high-end alcohol enthusiasts.

The release follows a similar launch earlier this year where Wealth Solutions developed a watch containing the “world’s oldest” Cognac.

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    Please put me down for one of the watches.

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