‘Anti-ageing’ caviar collagen vodka to launch

24th May, 2016 by Melita Kiely

A new and unique “beauty cocktail mix” combining vodka with “super anti-ageing, natural ingredients” including caviar collagen is readying to launch in Europe and the US.


Anti Everything vodka includes caviar collagen

Anti Everything is set to launch in Europe and the US in June 2016 with a featured launch with Club Vivanova (www.clubvivanova.com) at the Fairmont Monte Carlo on 29th June.

Anti Everything was created by scientist and entrepreneur Anja Skodda and is aimed at consumers who “love life, love socialising and care about feeling good and looking good”.

The alcoholic beverage is designed to be mixed with Champagne and includes “super supplement” sea buckthorn, which contains the highest plant source of vitamin E, lutein and fatty acids, as well as having 15 times more vitamin C than oranges.
Collagen accounts for approximately 25%-30% of the body’s protein. Skodda selected caviar collagen due to the amino acid structures of fish collagen, which she states are best for functionality, increased absorption and bioavailability, and are the safest in terms of “animal derived diseases”.

“Countless nights out with my girlfriends went hand in hand with feeling guilty about over-indulging,” comments Skodda, beauty conscious biotechnologist and founder of Anti Everything.
“I wanted to be freed of that feeling and set out to create a drink that combines science with lifestyle for a non-guilty pleasure – Anti Everything was born.”

Anti Everything has an abv of 16% and is on sale for RRP €45 per premium gift box, which features four 100ml bottles. The cocktail is being well-received and will be listed in numerous five-star hotel bars in Berlin, London, Monte Carlo and Cannes. Retail packs can be purchased at www.anti-e.com.

The brand is set to launch in Monaco on 29 June 2016 with Club Vivanova (www.clubvivanova.com) at the Horizon Deck of the Fairmont Monte Carlo followed by a string of exclusive launches along the French Riviera, while simultaneously launching in the US at Art Basel, Miami. Tickets for the Monaco launch can be purchased at this link, http://www.clubvivanova.com/ticketing/29june2016.

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