Top six English whisky producers

21st April, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

The London Distillery Company

London-Distillery-CompanyLondon’s first whisky distillery since Lea Valley closed its doors more than 100 years ago, The London Distillery Company, based in Battersea, intends to produce just 100 barrels of single malt whisky annually. The barley itself is sourced from Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire, just 100 miles from the distillery, as part of TLDC’s focus on sustainability, while the yeast used to ferment the mash is sourced from Surebrew in Surrey.

The distillery is inspired by 18th century entrepreneur and founder of The Intended London Distillery Company Ralph Dodd, naming its inaugural product – Dodd’s Gin – after the figure. Last year, the firm announced it was seeking funding of £1.5m to expand its business.

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  1. Thanks for this interesting overview. Rarely someone speaks about English whisky distilleries.

  2. Brian Steer says:

    I splashed out on the Cotswold Distillery Dry Gin, their, Single Malt, the Apple Brandy, and the collection of three spirits, at cask strength. The Gin and Single malt are very good, and worth the money. I have yet to try the others I bought, but I would recommend a visit.

  3. What about Wharf Distillery?

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