Top six English whisky producers

21st April, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Cotswolds Distillery

Cotswolds-DistilleryThe Cotswolds Distillery, located in Stourton near Chipping Norton, began distillation of its single malt English whisky and English rye in 2014. Scheduled for release in 2017, the distillery’s single malt is created using locally grown barley. Founded by former hedge fund manager Daniel Szor, the distillery features a 500kg mash tun, 2,400l wash still, 1,600l spirit still and four 2,500l fermenters, meaning it can produce more than 100,000 bottles of Cotswold Single Malt Whisky annually.

Earlier this year, Cotswolds Distillery raised more than £1 million on crowdfunding platform Crowdbnk in order to double whisky production, expand its visitors’ centre and open a storefront in a nearby town. This was double the amount the company was aiming to raise, and is also a record amount for the website.

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  1. Thanks for this interesting overview. Rarely someone speaks about English whisky distilleries.

  2. Brian Steer says:

    I splashed out on the Cotswold Distillery Dry Gin, their, Single Malt, the Apple Brandy, and the collection of three spirits, at cask strength. The Gin and Single malt are very good, and worth the money. I have yet to try the others I bought, but I would recommend a visit.

  3. What about Wharf Distillery?

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