Top six English whisky producers

21st April, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

As St George’s Day approaches this weekend, we take a look at some of the distilleries spearheading the English whisky movement.

Click through the following pages to see which producers are pioneering the English whisky movement

Click through the following pages to see our pick of top English whisky pioneers

Scotch undoubtedly rules the roost when it comes to volume sales of whisky from the UK and Ireland, but a number of English producers have set their sights on increased shelf space.

There are only a few distilleries that are producing English whisky, and even fewer that have liquid old enough to be bottled and sold. But a number of new players have announced plans to join the whisky sector over the coming years after securing investment.

Based in locations ranging from central London to the beautiful countryside in Cumbria, here are some of the top distilleries producing English whisky.

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  1. Thanks for this interesting overview. Rarely someone speaks about English whisky distilleries.

  2. Brian Steer says:

    I splashed out on the Cotswold Distillery Dry Gin, their, Single Malt, the Apple Brandy, and the collection of three spirits, at cask strength. The Gin and Single malt are very good, and worth the money. I have yet to try the others I bought, but I would recommend a visit.

  3. What about Wharf Distillery?

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