Allied Blenders sales climb 12% to 36m cases

6th April, 2016 by Melita Kiely

Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) reported a 12% sales growth during its 2015 fiscal year, which saw the Indian spirits producer reach 36 million cases.

Officer's-Choice-whisky Allied Blenders Distillers India

Indian whisky Officer’s Choice reported 11% growth in its full-year 2015 results

ABD’s flagship brand, Indian whisky Officer’s Choice, shifted 26 million cases last year – an 11% increase compared to the previous year. As such, the brand represents a 40% share of the regular whisky market.

“Deluxe” whisky brand Officer’s Choice Blue sold eight million cases in 2015 – 12% higher than 2014 – and is now available throughout India.

“Semi-premium” Indian whisky brand Officer’s Choice Black also enjoyed “commendable” growth of 25% during the same period.

Meanwhile, Officer’s Choice Brandy crossed the milestone million cases mark in 2015 for the first time.

“At a time when the IMFL [India Made Foreign Liquor] industry has been experiencing many odds and recorded hardly any growth, it was quite difficult for ABD to register such a landmark number as 36 million in FY16,” commented Jeetu Hemdev, executive director, Allied Blenders and Distillers.

“It has been possible due to our committed team, who is aware of the ground realities and market logistics.

“And at this rate, we are likely to cross 40 million cases in the current financial year.”

Three years after its initial launch, ABD’s premium brandy Kyron is now also available in Tamil Nadu and recorded sales of 0.11 million cases in 2015.

The company’s other brands, including Jolly Roger Rum, Lord & Master Brandy and Class 21 vodka have also “maintained standards” the group said.

Overall, ABD said the IMFL market grew 1% in the last year.

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