Top 10 best value for money rums 2016

3rd March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Ron Cartavio Selecto Rum


Owner: Cartavio Rum Company

Price: Approx £25

Cartavio Rum comes from the city of Cartavio, located in the Chicama valley in Peru. The area is said to be “optimal” for cultivating the highest quality sugarcane, largely due to its climate and proximity to the Andes mountains water source. Cartavio Rum is crafted by a small distillery which is owned and managed by Venezuelan-based DUSA, and has been in production since 1929. Ron Cartavio Selecto, originally called Aniversario, was re-branded and re-launched in 2013, and comprises a blend of rums aged for at least five years in oak. It won a Master medal in our blind tasting.

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