Top 10 best value for money rums 2016

3rd March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

As emerging interest in connoisseurship begins to breathe new life into the category,  2016 could be the year consumers recognise rum’s potential. With so many to choose from, which provide the best value for money?

This is our pick of the top 10 best value for money rums based on the results of The Rum Masters 2016

Last month, The Spirits Business held its annual Rum Masters, where an experienced panel of judges uncovered and recognised some of the category’s best expressions available on the global market.

Year on year, the competition continues to grow markedly in terms of both entry numbers and diversity; a trend reflected category-wide – most notably in premium positionings.

As brands increasingly focus on expressions best suited to sipping and cocktail mixing – each offering its own USP whether in terms of provenance, process or maturation – so the market continues to segment; a promising notion for the category’s future.

Looking across multiple categories, from Standard to Super Premium, White Rum to Agricole, with entrants from producers of all scales, the competition saw a number of rum brands awarded medals for their superior quality.

While the individual scores of each entrant are not disclosed, these are 10 of the highest ranking medalists recognised in the competition, listed in no particular order.

Readers may notice that not all of these bottlings are standard priced, but have been judged to offer excellent quality to consumers within their respective price categories.

Click through the following pages to view the top 10 best value for money rums of 2016.

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