Ten bartender opinions on vodka cocktails

22nd March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Chris Edwards, co-owner of The Shrub and Shutter and First Aid Box, London


“We’ve seen a massive decline in people ordering vodka as a mixer as it’s seen as boring as a mixer serve. Which it is. In terms of cocktail sales, I think it’s always going to have a big following for customers who want to play it safe. It’s up to bartenders to excite people with vodka serves, infusions and they way the play with it.

“I think brands can excite bartenders about vodka by focusing on the processes used in making it. Black Cow Vodka and its production, for instance, really gets the creative juices flowing. Snow Queen Vodka’s story always excites and ultimately the cocktail will be inspired by the snow queen. For me a lot of the excitement is in the vodka’s back story and production – but of course the flavour intended ultimately needs to shine through.”

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