Ten bartender opinions on vodka cocktails

22nd March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

T. Cole Newton, owner of Twelve Mile Limit, New Orleans

t-cole-newton“There are a few ways in which vodka is unique as a cocktail component, and the trend away from it in mixology is short-sighted for a number of reasons. Vodka is an unabashed vehicle for alcohol, having very little intrinsic flavor. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily. Take any juice or soda drink, add vodka, and you essentially have that same drink as a cocktail. Boom. Done. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.

“It isn’t just useful for hiding alcohol, though. Vodka has practical uses in “serious” mixology, too. It can help unpack flavours in complex, difficult spirits and liqueurs without reducing their capacity to carry flavour. Flavoured vodkas have their uses, too – strong expressions of very specific flavours. Think of flavoured vodkas like single-botanical distillates, if you prefer. They can make excellent modifiers for other base spirits.”

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