Ten bartender opinions on vodka cocktails

22nd March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Elliot Ball, co-founder of the Cocktail Trading Company, London

elliot-ball-1“While vodka isn’t a blank canvas, it typically showcases less flavour than other spirit categories. To some, a blank canvas is a void waiting to be filled with creativity, while to others it is too open-ended. The danger with vodka is that some use it to make perfectly acceptable flavours needlessly alcoholic ­greater creativity comes from bartenders who appreciate the subtleties in good vodkas and work with them.

“I’d still say that the majority of vodka serves are not hugely remarkable – Martini or Collins, but as brands inspire bartenders more, they’re encouraged to look at the product rather than the category, which often results in innovation. The Brasso, from the last Cocktail Trading Co. was a gag about how much of a nightmare the old copper cups for Moscow Mules were to clean.”

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