Ten bartender opinions on vodka cocktails

22nd March, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Ali Reynolds, bar manager at Hawksmoor, London

ali-reynolds“Vodka is huge and always will be. We recently changed our list and our vodka cocktail is selling the best at the moment. It is easy drink and a real crowd pleaser. Plus some of the most famous drinks in the world are all made with vodka – so yes it is very important to pick quality vodkas for your bar, and yes it does drive revenue.

“I think with the push of ‘craft gins’, gin stole vodka’s market share a bit, but it’s standing strong. We have some wonderful products in both categories and I think with consumers becoming more adventurous when it comes to drinking other spirit categories will start to grow. However, I love an Espresso Martini every once in a while.”

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