Top 10 most investible Scotch brands 2015

8th February, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

8. Convalmore

ConvalmoreSame place

A non-mover in 8th position is Convalmore, a now demolished Victorian distillery built in 1893. Based near Dufftown in Speyside, the site has experienced a somewhat turbulent history. The distillery was rebuilt in 1909 after its mash house and malt barn were ravaged by a fire and soon after this time made a failed foray into “continuous distillation” with a Coffey Still. Convalmore closed its doors for good in 1985, after which time it was sold to United Distillers and later William Grant & Sons, which still uses the site for warehousing. The distillery’s liquid was used for blending throughout its lifetime, but three official single malts have been released after its closure, along with a number of independent bottlings.

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