Sazerac creates American Bourbon Association website

17th February, 2016 by Annie Hayes

Sazerac has launched a new website for its American Bourbon Association, which aims to become the best source of online Bourbon information.


Sazerac has officially launched the American Bourbon Association website

In 2012, Sazerac founded the American Bourbon Association in a bid to “educate people around the globe about Bourbon”.

The website details the history of the spirit as written by Bourbon historian Mike Veach.

The site also explains how Bourbon is made, debunks myths, offers daily news, and lists a variety of Bourbon-specific bars and retail stores.

Links to blogs, societies, brand and distillery websites, publications, and trade associations are also included.

“We realised there was a gap in appreciation between Bourbon and other types of whiskey,” said Mark Brown, president and chief executive officer of Sazerac Company.

“Bourbon whiskey deserves every bit of respect as other whiskeys. Distilleries in Scotland have benefitted from the Scotch Whisky Association promoting, protecting and educating people about Scotch since the turn of the 20th century, but no one has taken up the cause for Bourbon.

“While the majority of Bourbon is made in Kentucky, there are distilleries popping up all across America, and the Bourbon industry has grown beyond just the state of Kentucky.

“Someone needs to be looking after Bourbon’s best interest on a national and global scale, which is how the American Bourbon Association came about.”

Retailers, bars, brands and distilleries that would like to be added can apply on the website.

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