Passport hones in on millennials with campaign

19th February, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Chivas Brothers is targeting millennials with a new advertising campaign for Passport Scotch – now the world’s fastest growing spirit selling more than 200,000 cases a year.


Blended Scotch whisky brand Passport is targeting millennials with a new campaign

‘Your Passport to a new world’ is an above the line campaign that communicates the “free spirited, colourful and approachable” personality of Passport Scotch whisky.

The campaign has been introduced in Angola, where Passport is the best-selling Scotch whisky, and Mexico, where it is the second best-selling ‘standard’ Scotch whisky. Brazil is also supporting Passport with advertising.

The television advertisement follows a group of millennial friends on a journey, beginning in a home setting, through to “increasingly aspirational bars” and finishing in a nightclub.

“Passport is currently a fantastic success story for Scotch and is leading the way in introducing new consumers in emerging markets to the unique vibrancy, quality, craftsmanship and heritage that the category offers,” said Mark Thorne, global brand director for Passport at Chivas Brothers.

“The ‘Your Passport to a new world’ campaign is set to unlock the curiosity of young people in Angola, Brazil and Mexico; millennials in these regions have an increasingly global outlook on life and are using social media and drinking quality international spirits such as Passport to demonstrate their personalities and aspirations.

“We are extremely proud of the success that Passport has achieved to date and are excited to see how the campaign helps to further spread the word on Scotch whisky around the world.”

Citing IWSR figures, Chivas Brothers claims that due to “strong appeal for the brand among millennials in emerging markets”, Passport is now the fastest growing of all spirits brands that sell more than 200,000 cases per year.

In January this year, the brand partnered with UK urban artist Jim Vision to launch a new limited edition bottle design. Click on the link below to view the ‘Your Passport to a new world’ campaign.

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