Top 50 most innovative spirits launches of 2015: 20-11

28th January, 2016 by Annie Hayes

17. Ballantine’s Hard Fired

Ballantine's-Hard-FiredThe “subtly smoky” character of this blended Scotch is the result of a “bespoke charring process” that involves a “selective second charring, hard firing, of casks”.

Sandy Hyslop, Ballantine’s master blender, said: “When charred, casks form a natural layer of caramelised wood sugars that react with whisky, and a double char understandably intensifies this effect.

“The result is a smooth, creamy and subtly smoky Scotch whisky with tasting notes of sweet honey, soft red apples, and tangy liquorice. This balanced flavour profile results in a premium whisky that sits well within the Ballantine’s family style while offering something new.”

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