Sazerac to expand Saint-Vivant Armagnac in US

9th December, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

La Martiniquaise has appointed 375 Park Avenue Spirits – a newly formed division within US spirits group Sazerac – as exclusive US distributor for its Saint-Vivant Armagnac brand.


Saint-Vivant Armagnac will be handled in the US by Sazerac’s 375 Park Avenue Spirits division

Saint-Vivant, the world’s second largest Armagnac producer, dates back to 1559 and is produced from fruit in the Bas-Armagnac and Ténarèze regions.

375 Park Avenue Spirits, which formed in January this year after US-based Van Gogh became a fully integrated sales company within Buffalo Trace owner Sazerac, will handle Saint-Vivant’s four expressions in 16 existing markets and also introduce the brand to an additional eight states.

“We are proud and excited to collaborate with 375 Park Avenue Spirits for the importation of Saint-Vivant Armagnac,” said Christophe Pichambert, international director of La Martiniquaise.

“It is a long-term partnership, and we are very enthusiastic about the growth potential that the US market offers, especially for premium Armagnacs.”

La Martiniquaise is the second-largest spirits group in France and handles brands including Label 5 Scotch whisky and Saint James rum.

“We are thrilled to be working with La Martiniquaise, one of the most well-respected, independent spirit groups in the world,” said Norman Bonchick, chairman and CEO of 375 Park Avenue Spirits.

“They have an outstanding collection of spirit brands such as Saint-Vivant Armagnac. We pride ourselves on working with niche brands of superior quality and as such Saint-Vivant Armagnac is an ideal addition to the 375 Park portfolio with it’s with long heritage, superb quality and exceptional taste.”

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