Top 10 cocktail trends for 2016

4th November, 2015 by Kristiane Sherry

Recent data released by Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes and its UK distributor Cellar Trends show the cocktail boom is set to continue into 2016 and beyond, with a number of key imbiber insights set to propel the market.

Cocktails on table

Cocktails are set to continue their upward momentum into 2016 – but what’s driving the trend?

Finest Call and Cellar Trends predict that the cocktail market will account for 10% of all spirits sales by 2020. One fifth of all on-trade accounts now serve cocktails, said Katy Carter, Cellar Trends’ research and brand manager, a figure reckoned to be growing by 2% year on year.

But as interest in creative serves filters down from high-end accounts to mainstream bars, how can businesses tap into the continued upward momentum? Where do future opportunities lie, and is there scope for growth against a backdrop of growing at home consumption?

Finest Call and Cellar Trends certainly think so, as their data presented at a recent Trends Forum shows.

Click through the following pages to discover their take on the 2016 trends.

What do you think? What opportunities do you think exist for the cocktail community? Let us know in the comments below.

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