Eurostar creates celebratory gin

12th November, 2015 by Melita Kiely

International transport provider Eurostar has launched its very own gin in partnership with Silent Pool Distillers as it readies to celebrate its 21st birthday on Friday.


Eurostar has created Toujours 21 gin to celebrate its 21st birthday

Toujours 21, as the gin is called, was designed by business premier culinary director Raymond Blanc OBE and has been created to evoke Eurostar’s “heritage, reminiscent of both British and French cultures”.

“When designing the gin, my vision was to take travellers on a journey of taste that played upon all the subtelties of the brand,” said Blanc.

“The aromatic notes of lavender hint to Eurostar’s latest Provencal destination, while the delicate yet clean taste of the angelica evoke memories of the British countryside.

“By uniting such robust flavours, the bespoke gin is the perfect way to commemorate the anniversary.”

The gin is made using a range of French botanicals and floral scents of the British countryside and described as having “rich juniper flavours and citrus traces” blended with “the subtle sweetness of honey, creating a balanced gin that is classic yet unique”.

“It’s been an incredible experience working with Raymond Bland to create the bespoke gin for Eurostar,” commented Cory Mason, Silent Pool master distiller.

“At Silent Pool Distillery, we pride ourselves in hand-making artisanal spirits using local resources and botanicals.

“With Raymond’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of flavours and ingredients, we were able to create something truly unique.”

Travellers eager to sample Toujours 21 can do so in the Eurostar Business Premier lounges in London, Paris and Brussels, where it will be launched as part of the drinks offering.

It will be available to purchase online in the next few weeks.

3 Responses to “Eurostar creates celebratory gin”

  1. Jon says:

    But he is anything but bland!

  2. Robin says:

    What an incredible opportunity for the customers of Eurostar to be able to experience the unique gin provided by Cory Mason and Silent Pool Distillery. Kudos to Raymond Blanc for his choice of Distiller and Distillery in the design and production of Toujours 21

  3. Melanie Beavis-Schiller says:

    I tasted Toujours 21 for the first time last week in the Paris Eurostar Business Lounge. It is absolutely kicking with layers of flavour. G&T is my favourite tipple and this one is just lush!

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