Top 10 new spirits books for Autumn 2015

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Shakespeare not Stirred WEB

Shakespeare, not Stirred: Cocktails for your Everyday Dramas, by Caroline Bicks & Michelle Ephraim

Razor sharp and witty, Shakespeare, not Stirred is a perfect mix of “literary nerdery and cheeky wordplay” for those who enjoy both booze and the Bard. Bicks and Ephraim are eminent English professors, punsters and clearly drinks enthusiasts, and their merry distillation of Shakespeare scenes, combined with life events and cocktails with such eyebrow-raising names as “Lady Macbeth’s G-Spot”, is certain to stir up a following in academic and drinks circles alike.

Shakespeare, not Stirred: Cocktails for your Everyday Dramas is published by Scribe Publications and is available in hardback now for £9.99.

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