The Global Vodka Masters 2015 results

14th October, 2015 by Annie Hayes
Company Brand Medal
Soyuzprodexport Legend of Kremlin Silver
Tovaritch Spirits Int Tovaritch! Premium Vodka Gold
Eastern Europe
Moët Hennessy Belvedere Vodka Silver
Moët Hennessy Belvedere Unfiltered Gold
Vinprom Peshtera Flirt Vodka Gold
BeringIce Beringice Gold
Universal Brands LTD Dannoff Vodka Gold
Moët Hennessy Belvedere Intense Master
Sash&Fritz GmbH Sash&Fritz Silver
Unique Spirits SL Santamania Beer’s Vodka Le Virgen Silver
Freimut Spirituosen GmbH Freimut Vodka Silver
Purity Vodka Purity Vodka 17 Gold
Purity Vodka Purity Vodka Gold
Purity Vodka Purity Vodka 51 Gold
Latvijas Balzams Moskovskaya Vodka Gold
Purity Vodka Purity Vodka 17 Silver
Purity Vodka Purity Vodka Silver
Purity Vodka Purity Vodka 51 Gold
Altia PLC Koskenkorva Vodka Gold
Premiere Distillery LLC Real Russian Vodka Master
Rest of World
Calibre Brands Snow Queen Vodka Silver
Small Mouth Pty Small Mouth Vodka Gold
Pur Vodka Pur Vodka Gold


6 Responses to “The Global Vodka Masters 2015 results”

  1. showing the good result.

  2. make money says:

    Vodka producers proved that they’re professional and can do whatever they want to do man.

  3. BJJTimes says:

    Vodka is great production and i really like it personally.

  4. Maria Matt says:

    Vodka is great drink i like it so much

  5. my favorite vodka i missed it because due to heart attack i can’t drink it anymore.

  6. NTS Results says:

    I agree with you maria Matt

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