Speyburn launches Arranta Casks expression

7th October, 2015 by Annie Hayes

Speyburn has launched a new limited edition variant, Arranta Casks, exclusively in the US.

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The Gaelic translation of the name, Arranta Casks, “embodies the spirit” of the Speyburn distillery

The Speyside-based whisky producer created the new expression – said to be “a bolder take on the classic Speyburn flavour profile”– using first fill American Oak ex-bourbon casks hand-selected by Speyburn’s distillery manager Robert Anderson.

As well as the citrus, vanilla and honey notes found in Speyburn whisky, the new expression is said to have “the added notes of toffee, coconut and spice, imparted by the use of the casks”.

“As well as using first fill barrels only, all the wood used to make these barrels is air-dried. Air-dried barrels — as opposed to bourbon barrels that are kiln-dried — maintain more moisture and flavor throughout the process,” said Anderson.

“We are excited to offer a new take on the Speyburn taste that you know and love and elevate it for an even bolder flavor that truly over delivers.”

“Arranta” means ‘bold’, ‘daring’ and ‘intrepid’ in Scottish Gaelic, so the name Arranta Casks is meant to “embody the spirit” of the Speyburn distillery.

Speyburn Arranta Casks is bottled at 46% abv and is exclusively in the US at an RRP of US$40.


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