Scotland’s only rum distillery to sell first casks

29th October, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Scotland’s first and only rum distillery Dark Matter Distillers is offering consumers the chance to own one of the company’s first 10 casks at a cost of £10,000.


Dark Matter Distillers has put its first 10 casks of rum up for sale

Available on a first come first serve basis from 29 October, the cask cost includes bottling, labelling, storage, insurance, samples, spectral analysis and maturation report, excluding duty and VAT.

Aged in hand selected Oloroso Sherry casks of 250 litres, a small sample will be drawn from each cask and sent to the owners annually once the rum is at least three-years-old.

“We will use the highest quality, individually hand-selected Oloroso Sherry casks,” the distillery said.

“Their use in the maturation of some of the finest and celebrated spirits in the world is well known, delivering the aroma and flavours of chocolate orange, raisins, fruit cake, dried fruits, toffee and spices.

“From Dark Matter you will be obtaining a true single cask rum that will mature unhindered and untarnished for many years if you so choose.

“For optimal results we recommend a minimum 10-year maturation period to allow a truly unique rum to develop fully in each individual cask.”

Dark Matter rum is distilled from cane molasses and each cask can be bottled at either cask strength or 46% abv.

Dark Matter Distillers launched a spiced rum called Dark Matter back in April this year.

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