Drinkaware launches alcohol education resources

27th October, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Drinkaware has released new education resources designed to teach children aged nine to 14-years-old about the “harms and risks” linked to alcohol.


Drinkaware for Education offers free resources for schools to educate young people on the potential risks associated with alcohol

The Drinkaware for Education programme on its website, and offers free materials for schools to offer discussion-based activities to students, role plays and scenarios inspired by everyday situations, and information about the potential harms of alcohol.

Underage alcohol consumption in the UK has plummeted from 61% in 2003 to 38% in 2014.

However The Drinkaware Monitor – an Ipsos MORI survey of young people and their drinking habits, showed 11% of 10-17-year-olds have missed a day of work, school or college in the last year due to drinking alcohol.

Furthermore, 12% of 10-17-year-olds who did engage in drinking alcohol “suffered serious harm” as a result.

“Exposing young people to information about the harmful effects of alcohol should be an important part of Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE),” said Elaine Hindal, chief executive of Drinkaware.

“Drinkaware for Education has been developed in partnership with teachers and experts to give young people the knowledge they need.

“As well as the harmful effects of alcohol on the body, the resources also address issues such as emotional wellbeing and peer pressure.

“Through scenario-based interactive lessons, teachers are able to reach young people in the right way, at the right time about the harms and risks associated with alcohol.”

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