Writers Tears Irish whiskey updates packaging

1st September, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Walsh Whiskey Distillery has enhanced the packaging of its Writers Tears Irish whiskey by adding the phrase “Copper Pot”.


Writers Tears features an updated packaging design to distinguish it from whiskey that will be produced at Walsh Whiskey’s new distillery

A blend of aged single pot still and single malt whiskeys – both distilled in copper pots – the additional wording on the packaging was chosen as “an honour to the age old craft of whiskey production in Ireland”.

“Even though our high quality premium liquid will remain the same we need to prepare for the future,” commented Woody Kane, marketing manager for Walsh Whiskey Distillery.

“With additional Writers Tears’ expressions coming online from the Walsh Whiskey Distillery, we are acting now by introducing a term that will continue to be unique to our current expression of Writers Tears. We see ‘Copper Pot’ as inspiration for our future releases.”

The new-look design is now available worldwide.

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