Top 10 historical spirits discoveries

16th September, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Adolph Hitler’s secret Cognac

Adolph-Hitler-CognacEarlier this year a stash of pre-World War Two Cognac was discovered and thought to belong to one of the world’s most infamous dictators – Adolph Hitler. The stocks were found in a complex of cellars underneath the gardens of a restaurant based in the grounds of the grand Moritzburg Palace, in Dresden, Germany, along with bottles of Champagne, cigarettes, cheese, chocolate and salami.

It is thought the Hitler had sought to protect the valuable bottles from Allied air raids in Berlin. “At the end of 1944 Adolf Hitler had his household food and drink stores moved to my cellar by his steward Kannegiesser, as they were not safe because of air raids on Berlin,” Stelzer told Bild newspaper. “Nothing remained of the food and consumables. After May 8, 1945, Russian troops looted everything,” he said.

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    Shackleton’s whisky????

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