Top 10 historical spirits discoveries

16th September, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

F-53-31 shipwreck vodka or gin

Shipwreck-vodkaSalvaged from a shipwreck that has lay at the bottom of the Baltic Sea near the Polish coast for 200 years, this “well preserved” stone bottle is thought to contain either vodka or gin. The bottle was discovered in June this year by researchers exploring the F-53-31 shipwreck in Gdańsk Bay. Preliminary results showed that it contained alcohol distillate of 14% abv, thought to be either vodka or gin – possibly genever – diluted with water.

According to reports by CBS News, archaeologists involved told Poland’s Ministry of Science and Science Education that the liquid is safe to drink. “The bottle dates back to the period of 1806-1830 and has been recovered during the works on the F53.31 shipwreck, or the so-called Glazik,” said Tomasz Bednarz, an underwater archaeologist at the National Maritime Museum.

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  1. Dave Gunns says:

    Shackleton’s whisky????

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