Top 10 mispronounced Scotch brands

10th September, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Gaelic may still be the beloved spoken tongue among some communities, but international consumers constantly grapple with the language when trying to order their favourite Scotch whisky.

From Laphroaig to Bunnahbhain, these are the top 10 commonly mispronounced Scotch brands

From Laphroaig to Bunnahabhain, these are the top 10 commonly mispronounced Scotch brands

Itself derived from the Gaelic term “uisce beatha”, meaning “water of life”, the Scotch whisky industry is certainly not short of a tongue twister or two.

While consumers may have little trouble enunciating the name of most Speyside and Lowland distilleries, those based in the Highlands and Islands present further difficulties.

Scotch lovers can wander into embarrassing territory when ordering a dram of Wemyss, Glen Garioch or Bruichladdich. The omission of a guttural “och” and pronunciation of silent letters may lead to condescending smirks or an outright guffaw from industry showoffs.

If you want to avoid such uncomfortable experiences, click through the following pages to discover our pick of the top 10 commonly mispronounced Scotch whisky brands, and how to say them correctly.

5 Responses to “Top 10 mispronounced Scotch brands”

  1. And still I am not sure if this is right. “Caol” is gaelic for “narrow sea channel”, so that’s correct. But it is mostly pronounced a bit like “cool”. Listen here:

    When I visited in summer, that is how two women living on Islay pronounced it as well.

  2. Cailean says:

    Broo-aye-chlatt-ich (where each ch is the same as the ch in loch)

    This is the corrrct pronunciation, from a fluent Gaelic speaker.

  3. Cailean says:

    (From bruach for brae and claddach for shore)

  4. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Well Bunnahabhain is known as ‘the gentle taste of Islay’ and in its standar expressions (12yo; 18yo; 25yo) is not peated at all, rather more of a maritime sherried malt (and lovely with it!)… they do a few heavily peated expressions, but those are the exception rather than the rule (and yes this is unusual for an Islay malt)…

  5. Please help us settle an argument,. Is Glen Garioch distillery in the Garioch or Formartine ?

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