Top 10 best value for money Cognacs

8th September, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Louis Royer XO

Louis-Royer-XO CognacThe Cognac house of Louis Royer can be traced back to 1853 and is known for crafting blends using all six terroirs of the Cognac growing region. Offering a combination of floral, fruity, spicy and woody notes, Louis Royer XO is incredibly complex and “indulgent, with deep rich chocolate notes and hints of chocolate-covered cherries”. The blend of eaux-de-vies used to create this particular expression is much older than the minimum age required for an XO Cognac.

Price: approx £115

Producer: Louis Royer

4 Responses to “Top 10 best value for money Cognacs”

  1. Frans says:

    The one I miss, is Cognac Frapin. Look at the Millésime 1988. A 25 YO Grande Champagne Cognac.
    That is really value for money as you know exacte the ageing. Non of the others do so!!!!!

  2. Dear Spirits Business

    It’s always a pleasure to read your news. But this time we are very surprise by this one… Trust us you can find a lot a better value for money in a lot of small vineyards around Segonzac.

    We can suggest you : Francois Voyer, Paul Beau, Guillon Painturaud, Jacques Painturaud, Pierre de Segonzac.
    All this “bouilleurs de cru” produce cognacs since about 200 years.

    It will be a pleasure to works with you if you need. Best regards, Pablo ( Bordeaux, France)

  3. Bev says:

    Could I also bring your attention to the multi-award winning Hermitage range? Each cognac has a vintage or age statement and comes from a single estate so you know exactly what is in the bottle. They are hand picked for their balance and flavour and provide excellent value for money.

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