Penderyn Distillery in pictures

23rd September, 2015 by Kristiane Sherry

7. Original still and spirit safe

… which were designed by students as the distillery was first being built. The focus for the still – which Davies describes as a “modified pot still hybrid” was to efficiently create a smooth, fruity spirit, while the spirit safe (right), which evokes chemistry lab equipment, is perhaps the best demonstration of the designers’ scientific rather than whisky-led background. The distinct Penderyn “Faraday” still (left) was created by Dr David Faraday, a descendent of Sir Michael Faraday, and combines a pot still with column distillation. Spirit can be drawn at any point in the column, and the liquid comes off the still at 92% abv – believed to be the highest in the industry.

A second Faraday still was installed in 2013. “The future intention is to play with the second still and draw at different different levels,” explained Davies. “But for now [the priority is] laying down spirit.”

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