Heaven Hill introduces ‘ultra-rare’ Bourbon

30th September, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Heaven Hill Brands has launched just 3,000 bottles of an “ultra-rare” one-off Bourbon expression, called John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve.


Just 3,000 bottles of John E. FItzgerald Very Special Reserve Bourbon have been released

The whiskey comprises 12 barrels of wheated Bourbon produced at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery – the original home of Heaven Hill Old Fitzgerald and ancestor to the Larceny brand.

According to legend, treasury agent John E. Fitzgerald was granted free access to the bonded Bourbon warehouses and would help himself to the whiskey ageing there.

His choices became known as the “Fitzgerald barrels” and used to create a Bourbon expression, called Old Fitzgerald.

“With the second largest inventory of Bourbon in the world, and one of the broadest ranges of styles and proofs in the industry, it is rare for Heaven Hill to release barrels not produced by the company,” said Susan Wahl, senior brand manager for whiskeys at Heaven Hill Distilleries.

“Because these barrels represent the DNA of our Old Fitzgerald and Larceny, and because the original Stitzel-Weller distillery is so highly regarded by those in the know, we felt like the release of the John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve would provide both context and credibility for the Old Fitz and Larceny bottlings.

“These 3,000 bottles will not remain on the shelves for long, if at all.”

Bottled at 45% abv, John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve has an RRP of US$300 per 375ml bottle.

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