DIY gin kit eyes up on-trade expansion

1st September, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Two friends who launched a DIY gin company allowing customers to create their own expressions at home are looking to expand their business to the on-trade.


Ginbrew offers DIY at home gin-making kits

First launched at the start of 2015, Ginbrew helps people make their own gins through a DIY gin kit that includes a Mason jar, a cheese cloth and three different types of botanical mixtures.

The process requires the consumer to pour a bottle of vodka into the Mason jar, add one bag of botanicals and give the jar a shake every day for a week.

After seven days, the liquid is then poured through the cheese cloth to separate the gin from the botanicals.

The company has already secured orders in 49 US states, as well as parts of Europe including the UK and Germany, and now wants to target bars keen to create their own house spirits.

“It makes pretty cool gin and we thought people would be interested in making it themselves,” said John Quinn, who co-founded Ginbrew with his friend Chris Rories in Arlington, Virginia, reported ARL Now. “Gin is like flavoured vodka. The original flavoured vodka.”

Quinn is responsible for the marketing and tasting of each flavour, while Rories is responsible for creating the mixtures.

Each kit is handmade and each botanical mixture – Blue Ruin, Jenevieve and Liberty 13 – comprises approximately 14 to 16 different ingredients.

The kits currently retail for US$29.99.

“One of the challenges we had to overcome was how to mass produce,” added Quinn. “Ultimately, we found it’s [Ginbrew] very rewarding.

“It’s something we’re passionate about – and it’s ours.”

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