Templeton Rye to pay $2.5m settlement

11th August, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Templeton Rye will refund up to US$2.5 million after settling three lawsuits claiming it misled customers into believing the whiskey is made in Iowa.


Templeton Rye whiskey has agreed to refund consumers up to US$2.5 million

After the settlement received preliminary approval in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, last month, the Templeton Rye Settlement website is now active and explains measures the brand has agreed to take.

Templeton Rye has opened a “Settlement Fund” from which settlement class members can submit a claim form for one of three options, which is limited to one per household and only open to US citizens.

With proof of purchase, consumers can claim for a cash payment of US$6 per bottle of Templeton Rye purchased, for up to six bottles.

Proof of purchase constitutes “any written documentation” including sales receipts, credit card statements, or UPC from a Templeton Rye bottle.

Without any proof of purchase, settlement class members can submit a claim form for up to US$3 cash per bottle of Templeton Rye purchased, with a maximum limit of six bottles per person.

Regarding on-trade purchases, claims can be made for a cash sum of US$1 per alcoholic beverage bought containing Templeton Rye, limited to five drinks.

Furthermore, the whiskey brand has agreed to modify the front label of Templeton Rye by removing the phrases “small batch” and “Prohibition-era recipe”, as well as stating the product is distilled in the state of Indiana on the back label.

References to “small batch” and “Prohibition-era recipe” will also be eliminated from the company’s website and any marketing materials.

Claims must be submitted online at www.templetonryesettlement.com by 18 November 2015.

The court will hold a Fairness Hearing on 3 December 2015 when it will consider whether or not to approve the settlement, and refunds will not be made until after this decision has been reached.

A third lawsuit was brought against Templeton Rye in October last year, alleging the company’s marketing deceived consumers by claiming the whiskey is made using a “Prohibition-era recipe”.

The owners of Templeton Rye responded to the allegations arguing they could claim it was made locally as they added ingredients at their Templeton facility.

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