Glann ar Mor distillery is not closing

5th August, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Britanny’s Glann ar Mor distillery will not close on 15 August after a last minute breakthrough on negotiations regarding the new “Whisky Breton” geographical indication (GI).


Glann ar Mor has been producing whisky in Britanny for more than 18 years

However, the company has had to implement a “reduced structure” resulting in two job losses thus bringing its team of six to just four.

Glann ar Mor – which produces Glann ar Mor and Kornog whiskies – announced it would be closing for good on 15 August after 18 years of production as a direct consequence” of a new GI that is “simply unacceptable” for the company.

Glann ar Mor disputed the GI definition of what can and cannot be defined as a Whisky Breton, which challenged “the economic model of the company and in particular its perspectives of development”.

However, the general manager of the INAO (Institut national de l’origine et de la qualité) has said “of course” the technical file outlining what constitutes Whisky Breton could be revised.

The news came to “the great surprise” of Glann ar Mor founders Martine and Jean Donnay who were told in September 2014 that any changes would not be possible.

In a statement, Glann ar Mor said: “After having taken the full measure of this new element and of the resulting situation, Glann ar Mor has considered that is should be possible after all to continue its activity.

“Nothing being yet certain for now, in view of the uncertainties to be taken in consideration a cautious approach has to be retained and the company will pursue its activity with a reduced structure which will nevertheless allow the preservation of four jobs our of the six existing ones.”

Jean Donnay submitted an open letter on 24 July to the INAO to instigate a debate on the Whisky Breton GI, which he hopes will take place and positively solve the problems facing Glann ar Mor’s future.

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