Top 10 best-selling liqueur brands

8th July, 2015 by Annie Hayes

10. Cointreau

cointreau2014: 1.1
2013: 1.1
% change: -1
Place last year: New entry

Cointreau is a brand that consistently clears the 1 million case mark, and there aren’t many others which have historically been so reliant on (and so triumphant with) just one product. A 1% dip wasn’t enough to budge its volume figures from the 1.1 million cases mark this year, but what about the future? It seems the brand is confident it will achieve double-digit growth from its main markets in the US, Europe, Russia, Asia, and China, “within the next few years” – according to sixth generation of the Cointreau family Alfred Cointreau. With the launch of Cointreau Noir – a unique blend of Cointreau orange liqueur and Cognac Rémy Martin – late last year, he may well be right.

6 Responses to “Top 10 best-selling liqueur brands”

  1. rob says:

    where’s jagermeister?

  2. johnny weismueller says:

    Ah, the Baileys.Choc full of fat, sugar and industrial alcohol made from milk protein (whey) a byproduct of cream extraction. Invented by clever chemists in Harlow, Essex. When you strip away the marketing BS it’s a real gas.

  3. Brian W says:

    Interesting list, no Grand Marnier or Benedictine either, just goes to show how much markets are different locally.

  4. Winkmeister says:

    #2 Malibu at 3.4 million cases, yet #3 De Kuyper at 3.7??

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