Top 10 best-selling liqueur brands

8th July, 2015 by Annie Hayes

1. Baileys

baileys2014: 6.2
2013: 6.5
% change: -5
Place last year: 1

Despite suffering a 5% sales dip, Baileys still hold the crown as the King of liqueurs, selling a whopping 2.8 million cases more than Malibu in 2014. Last winter the brand launched a global advertising campaign – entitled “Here’s to Us” in a bid to entice millennial women to give it a try – but even before the additional marketing, the Irish cream liqueur was voted as the UK’s favourite alcoholic Christmas beverage to drink neat, according to the results of a national survey by supermarket Waitrose. In a market as stagnant as liqueurs, for a spirit as beloved as Baileys this doesn’t look set to change any time soon.

6 Responses to “Top 10 best-selling liqueur brands”

  1. rob says:

    where’s jagermeister?

  2. johnny weismueller says:

    Ah, the Baileys.Choc full of fat, sugar and industrial alcohol made from milk protein (whey) a byproduct of cream extraction. Invented by clever chemists in Harlow, Essex. When you strip away the marketing BS it’s a real gas.

  3. Brian W says:

    Interesting list, no Grand Marnier or Benedictine either, just goes to show how much markets are different locally.

  4. Winkmeister says:

    #2 Malibu at 3.4 million cases, yet #3 De Kuyper at 3.7??

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